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Make A Payment At 407etr.com

As the world’s first all-electronic, barrier-free toll highway, the 407 ETR is changing the art of travel from Burlington to Pickering.  The need for the revolutionary highway was realized by the Ontario government in 1993 when they subsequently established the Ontario Transportation Capital Corporation (OTCC) for the purpose of managing the design, construction, operation, maintenance and financing of this super-highway. In 1997, the central portion of the highway was completed, and by 2001, the highway extended 24 kilometers to the west and 15 kilometers to the east. Today 407 ETR stretches 108 kilometers in length, but actually has over 1,100 kilometers of lanes in its entirety, bringing fast, safe, reliable travel to the public.

When asked about the number-one reason to use the 407 ETR, customers almost unanimously answered that they wanted to save time. With no toll booths and its open-access design, the highway allows safe, reliable travel with no stopping or slowing down to pay tolls. The allowance of safe, consistent speed on the 407 ETR leads to very infrequent traffic congestion and the ever-important fact that drivers save money on gasoline and reduce their impact on the environment by emitting less CO2 per kilometer. Full descriptions of the highway’s design, effectiveness, background and many other facts can be found at 407etr.com.

Without the need for tollbooths, drivers create an account that can be managed at 407etr.com and is enforced by a state-of-the-art system. The overhead gantry automatically records the beginning and end of your trip. Tolls range from 19.35 cents/km to 81.60 cents/km. The cost of your trip depends on factors including the time of day you enter 407ETR, your vehicle class, the distance and section(s) of the 407ETR travelled, and the correct mounting and use of a valid transponder. A complete listing of all charges, tolls, and fees can also be found at 407etr.com.

Customer Service Is No Trouble with 407etr.com

Creating and managing an account for the 407ETR is fast and easy thanks to 407etr.com. The website gives drivers immediate access to their account information and allows for simple payments to be made right through the website. Once an account is created, making a payment is simple.

  1. Go to www.407etr.com
  2. Log into your account through the “My Account” toolbar
  3. Once logged in, click the “Payments” toolbar
  4. Choose the “Pay Your Bill” option
  5. Pay your bill and continue using 407ETR for safe, fast, reliable travel

407etr.com has made it easier than ever for drivers to continue to enjoy one of the world’s most successful and economic highways.  A few simple steps can make the difference of a lifetime on the road with 407etr.com.

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