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Understanding How Measurement of the Distance Between Two Cities Works

Have you ever wondered how cartographers are able to precisely measure the distance between two cities? This is so typical of a problem solving type question that was common in school. Few remember how they tackled this rudimentary problem back then, so it pays to get a refresher course! Finding the distance between two cities has always been something that came in handy when going on vacation or at least planning it. Here is what you have to do to find the distance between two locations.

Check the Map!

A no-brainer, consulting a map will help you to find the distance. You can find maps at bookstores, where you’ll find out all about telling the distance from one point to another.

Map Scaling

A paper map can aid in map scaling. Said paper map makes it easy to measure the distance from your current location to your destination city.

Go Online

Go on the Internet to find the distance between two points. You can locate this information easily through Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps and many other useful map resources.

Check Bing

Bing’s website lets you easily find the exact distance between two locales. Just type in city one and city two in the search engine, and the site will calculate the distance between two points.

Use a GPS System

GPS is based on satellite readings, so the information will be accurate. Just a note: Using this technology is mostly ideal for measuring both long and complex journeys between cities.

Are the Cities Near You?

If the two points are close to you, then you can just get in your car and figure out yourself how close the points are! Of course, you’ll have to reset your odometer prior to starting!

Travel Agent

Travel agents can be a big help when it comes to finding the precise distance. They have a lot of training due to their experience in dealing with travel distances.

Flight Company

A flight company is a great resource. Just call one up and say you’re at X location, but you need to get to Y position. They’ll be more than happy to help.

These are just some of the clever and resourceful ways through which you can find out the distance of any two cities on the face of the Earth. Knowing such basic information can be invaluable when you are planning a trip or a vacation.

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