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Set Up Your Samsung Device to Use Pandora

Listening to music can make any activity more fun — cleaning, working, and studying are just a few examples of this. However, music is expensive these days — iTunes songs are frequently more than $0.99. But getting access to free music is easy and legal, thanks to Pandora. And with a Samsung smartphone or tablet, it is easier than ever.

Go to the Play Store

This is the place to get your apps when you’re running the Android system. Search Pandora and up pops up the free app. Download it and you’re pretty much good to go. Once the app icon appears on your screen, put it where you want it (into folders, etc.) and open it up.

Create an account

Enter your email and a password, and that’s all it takes. Once you’re signed in, Pandora allows you to save stations and personalize your music selection.

Enter one of your favorite artists or genres and Pandora will create a station for you. If you like the music that plays on this station, keep it. Pandora uses an algorithm to play similar songs and artists, so there is a theme to your station. Want something different? Try another station.

Pandora also gives you a lot of information about the song you are listening to, like:

  • Album cover
  • Lyrics
  • About the artist
  • A list of similar artists
  • Options to buy on iTunes and Amazon
  • Share the track or station through social media

If you don’t like a song, you can skip it. But be wary — the free version of Pandora only offers limited skips. You can also hit “thumbs down” on a song, and that prevents similar songs from showing up in the playlist. Conversely, there is a “thumbs up” button that will put more songs like the one you like on the rotation.


Listening to Pandora on a smartphone is one of the best ways to listen to music because you run Pandora in the background and still use other apps on your phone.

However, the app does run on the Internet, so make sure that your phone is hooked up to WiFi or it will chew through your data package. Set the WiFi to automatically connect to networks that you frequently use, like your home, school, or workplace (or your favorite coffee shop).

Pandora and your Samsung smartphone or tablet together make the perfect combination to listen to your favorite tunes while boosting your productivity. Whatever you’re doing, music will make it better.

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