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Return Your Purchase Items at Amazon Return Center

From time to time it happens to all of us. Something we’ve ordered online doesn’t work, isn’t the right size, or just turns out to be something we don’t want. Whatever the reason, you want to return these items for exchange or refund, and you don’t want a lot of hassles or headaches. Amazon.com now makes it easy to return your purchase items at Amazon Return Center.

Amazon’s globally active, multi-billion dollar electronic commerce marketplace is based out of Seattle, Washington, in the United States. Amazon was originally founded in July of 1994 by Jeff Bezos, under the name Cadabra. The company became Amazon when it launched onto the World Wide Web in 1995. It’s international appeal stems from it’s extensive catalog of new and used products from every major retail niche, including furniture, apparel and digital music, but most well known for consumer electronics, including its own products, like the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.

Returns and Exchanges Made Easy

Naturally, with such an extensive selection, and with so many users around the world, customers need an easy and efficient way to return merchandise for exchange or refund. Amazon’s answer comes in the form of online help, through the Amazon Return Center. Here, Amazon customers can follow a simple step-by-step guide that helps them get their item ready for return to Amazon. Logging in is a snap, since the only thing you need is to be a registered user on Amazon.com.

When you’ve logged onto Amazon with your internet ready PC, your next step is to simply find and click the link for ‘help’ near the top of the page. From the “Help and Customer Service” page, on the right, under Self-Service, find the link that says “Return or Replace Items.” This directs you to the Return Center.

Once you’ve reached this page, things get even simpler. Three large buttons give you the option to return new products, return gifts, or manage your returns. Each link provides its own simple instructions for use. You will have to be logged in to your Amazon account to access the different pages. This is a very straightforward and easy to use customer service feature that seems to speed up the return process. Remember to make sure your item can be returned.

Simple step-by-step instructions dominate the Refund and Exchange page, explaining how to package and ship your returned items. Here, it is advisable to have a working printer to print the labels you will need to complete your return.


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