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Request a KidBiz3000® Demo Online

Do you have young children under the age of 6 who need a boost in their reading and writing skills?  Achieve3000® wants to help you.

KidBiz3000® is the choice online reading solution for children ages 2 to 5 to reach their Lexile® reading and writing level.

KidBiz3000® is also aligned with the objectives of the Common Core State Standards to provide students with the literacy skills they will need for college and beyond.

Backed by powerful assessment tools, KidBiz3000® is tailored to individual learners so they progress at their own pace to reach the desired goal.

Lexile® Measure and Lexile® Codes

A Lexile® Measure is a number assigned to reading material assessing the level of the readability.  A book’s Lexile® Measure is determined by MetaMetrics.  A student is paired with books at their reading level by taking a test with specialized software.

Some books cannot be judged simply by the number measure assigned to them, such as specialized literature, and a two letter code will be attached to further help classifying the book’s level.  For more information, visit: http://www.lexile.com/about-lexile/lexile-codes/.


Since 1984, MetaMetrics has dedicated itself as a company to provide a means of linking assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.

A Powerful Leader in Differentiated Instruction

Achieve3000® has helped more than one million students across the Unites States reach their potential through the development of reading and writing proficiency for more than a decade.

It is the belief of Achieve3000® that all students can reach a higher level of literary proficiency, and that by reaching this expertise in the language they will unlock the ability to master the rest of the curriculum.  Reaching levels twice or three times the previous skill in a single year is totally possible by teaching to individual aptitudes.

Their award-winning programs include TeenBiz3000®, Empower3000™ and eScience3000™ in addition to KidBiz3000®.

The 2010-2011 Lexile® study backs up the claims of Achieve3000® and their programs.  Elementary school students under the KidBiz3000® program for instance achieved a 150% increase in their literacy performance.

How to Request a Demo

Are you interested in finding out more about KidBiz3000® and Achieve3000® differentiated learning solutions for your student?

You will need:

  • A computer with a recent browser
  • A valid e-mail address

Follow this link to navigate to this easy to process form:


Simply put in your information and you will receive a time, date and link for an online demonstration.

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