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Register for ADP Canada TotalAccess

Automatic Data Processing, Inc., better known as ADP, has spent over sixty years providing business outsourcing solutions. Focusing on the automotive industry, they offer employers payroll, tax, benefits, and human resource solutions. ADP began operations in Canada in 1979, providing Canadian companies an outsourced payroll processing option.

As technology has advanced over the decades, the solutions provided by ADP have evolved as well. Thanks to modern computing, Canadian businesses ranging in size from a single employee, to well over one thousand employees, can easily manage their payroll. With ADP’s TotalAccess system, it’s easier than ever to keep all pertinent payroll and human resources information up to date.

TotalAccess allows you, the employee, to handle your own personal payroll information. You can:

  • Enter a change of address when necessary
  • Update banking information
  • Print tax statements
  • View current and previous pay statements

With all of the available features, businesses no longer need to worry about outdated records or transcription errors.

How Do You Sign Up for TotalAccess?

Before you can register for ADP Canada TotalAccess, you will need to have the following five items available:

  1. A device capable of connecting to the internet
  2. Internet access
  3. The businesses client number (a six digit number assigned by ADP Canada)
  4. A company code (a three or four digit number assigned by ADP Canada to a company)
  5. Your Employee ID or File Number
    1. An Employee ID is between one and nine numerical digits in length
    2. A File Number is between one and six numerical digits in length

With this information in hand, you are ready to sign up with TotalAccess.

Using your internet-connected device, direct your browser to https://totalaccess.adp.ca/ATAPublic/Registration/UserRegistration.aspx and then:

  1. Read through the terms and conditions of use
  2. Once you have scrolled all the way down, tick the acknowledgment box, and click on submit
  3. You will then be directed to the registration page to enter:
    1. Your name, email, and birthday
    2. The Client number, Company Code, EmployeeID or File number, and hire date
    3. Three security questions and responses
    4. A password, using secure password practices and procedures
    5. Double check that all of the above information was entered correctly
    6. Click submit

Once the above steps are completed, ADP Canada will direct you to complete the registration process through email verification.

Now that you have created your online account with the TotalAccess service, you will be able to access your entire payroll history from anywhere you have an internet connection. The days of badgering the human resource department for tax documents and lost pay stubs are over, thanks to ADP Canada TotalAccess.

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