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Participate In The Vintage Inns Survey To Grab £1000

When life gets to be too stressful, and the noise and bustle of the city starts to drive you crazy, nothing beats escaping to the countryside. Away from to towering buildings and packed crowds, life seems slower and simpler, and you can finally take the time to enjoy things. But that stress you’ve escaped returns with a vengeance if you spend your vacation time slinking between rundown, dirty diners and greasy fast food places. So when you want to spend some time in the country, Vintage Inns knows where to find the best restaurants and pubs to make sure bad food doesn’t taint your trip.

Vintage Inns is a collection of pubs and restaurants all across Britain. With more than 200 establishments, they are sure to provide just what you want in the way of excellent food, good ale, or fine wine. And although they improve the quality of their food each day, they want to make sure that every traveler and customer leaves the table happy and refreshed. To help with this, they invite customers to take their satisfaction survey; to make sure that Vintage Inns consistently offers the best quality food and service, all provided in the perfect atmosphere. And as an extra incentive, you can participate in the Vintage Inns survey to grab £1000.

How you can win £1000

In order to get your chance at the daily prize, and to help Vintage Inns keep their restaurants great, you need to have visited a Vintage Inn location recently. There, you may have been given a survey card, or received an invitation on your receipt, or via email, to complete the survey. However it happened, you will need this invitation, your receipt, and a computer with an internet connection.

  • Go to www.vintageinns-survey.co.uk.
    • When prompted, enter the code found with your invitation, either on your receipt, on your survey card, or in the email.
    • If you would prefer not to complete the survey online, you can also call the phone number listed on the survey invitation.
    • Once you access the survey, complete the questions. Make sure you answer the ones with an asterisk*.
    • After that’s done, give the website your contact information to enter the drawing. This lets them know where to call or send the money to if you get lucky.

That is really all that is needed to participate in the Village Inns survey to grab £1000. It should only take a few minutes of your time, and with that small effort you have a chance to win some money. And you get to make sure your next visit to Village Inn is even better.

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