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Horribly Injured Dog Rescued From A Trash Dump Makes An Incredible Recovery

A year ago, Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws rescued a 1-year-old female Husky dog living at a trash dump. The poor pooch was found injured and in terrible condition. Around the same time, Eldad also rescued a Chihuahua living in a drainpipe under a large and busy highway. The pair of rescue dogs Eldad named Miley and Frankie ended up becoming best friends and helped each other find courage to stay strong while they awaited adoption.

The video of Miley and Frankie’s rescue went viral, receiving nearly 19 million views on YouTube since it was posted a year ago. With sudden interest in their story, both dogs got hundreds of adoption requests and were quickly taken in by loving families.

In this new video, Eldad recounts both Miley’s and Frankie’s rescues, giving his thoughts on the pair of lovable friends. We then get to see him visit Miley, and you won’t believe the unbelievable transformation the beautiful Husky went through in a year.

(Source: Eldad Hagar)

The dogs weren’t adopted together, since the difference in size and playful temperament of the two dogs would not make it safe for Frankie. Eldad says that Miley will play for three hours, then want to play for three more. Frankie likes to play for 3 minutes, and then wants to rest.

Please consider making a $5 donation to Hope For Paws and help them save more lives. The work they do is quite wonderful.

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