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Check Your Traffic Ticket Online At Njmcdirect

Getting a traffic ticket is one of the most frustrating and annoying things that can happen to us drivers. It’s a nuisance that costs us both time and money, yet fortunately, there is now a way to cut down on at least the first part; time. See, originally, in order to pay a traffic ticket, you would have to go down in person to pay at the local court house, which was a tremendous hassle in itself. Now, outside of the money you’re shelling out for not realizing that the meters were on that day, the process has become much more simplified and easy. Don’t bother mailing in a check; simply go to New Jersey Municipal Courts’ website to see the status of your ticket (http://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/njmcdirect/atswepr2/home.do).

Information To Have Ready

  • Your parking or traffic ticket in question
  • Your license plate number
  • Credit card information (if you plan on paying online)

Pay A Ticket The Easy Way

If you are looking to check the status of a ticket, then you can access that service any time you like. In the case that you are paying off a ticket, there are only certain hours that you will be able to do so. Make sure that before you try to pay your ticket, you are doing so within business hours:

Monday – Thursday

7:30AM – 11:45 PM (EST)


7:30AM – 10:45PM (EST)


7:30AM – 3:45PM (EST)


1:00PM – 11:45PM (EST)


At this point, the process of paying off your parking or traffic ticket requires just a few more steps:

1)      Go to the NJMC’s parking and traffic ticket site at http://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/njmcdirect/atswepr2/home.do

2)      Click “continue” to advance to the next page, where you will be inputting your ticket information

3)      Enter ticket number into the appropriate box

4)      Enter your license plate number in the appropriate box and then press the “continue” button

5)      Provide your credit card information for payment

6)      Print or save the receipt for your own records

It is important to note that there is a small convenience fee tied into this process. In order to keep this service running, the NJMC adds a fee of no more than $4 to the overall cost of your ticket. How much the fee will end up costing you is based on the fine of the ticket – the greater the fine, the greater the fee. Hey, at least now you’re cutting down on the amount of overall time lost when dealing with these necessary hassles of owning a vehicle.


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