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Register for ADP Canada TotalAccess

Automatic Data Processing, Inc., better known as ADP, has spent over sixty years providing business outsourcing solutions. Focusing on the automotive industry, they offer employers payroll, tax, benefits, and human resource solutions. ADP began operations in Canada in 1979, providing ...

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Make A Payment At 407etr.com

As the world’s first all-electronic, barrier-free toll highway, the 407 ETR is changing the art of travel from Burlington to Pickering.  The need for the revolutionary highway was realized by the Ontario government in 1993 when they subsequently established the ...

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Enroll to get Ford Owner Rebates

If you have recently purchased a Ford or Ford Service then you may be eligible for a rebate! In order to ascertain if you are eligible, visit Ford’s website today and enroll. It is easy to complete, quick to finish ...

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Signup for My Petro-Canada™ Account

Petro-Canada is one of the largest gas and oil producers in North America with service stations located all over Canada. Despite their immense size, Petro-Canada still care about their customers and have created a reward program to repay their valued ...

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Sign Up for the Yamaha Motor Part Viewer

There is a wide range of public transportation that’s being used today, and within those options of transportation, there are still many types of vehicles to choose from. The choice of transportation is usually dictated by the preference of the ...

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