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Buy Michaels Gift Card Online In A Simple Way

Michaels is the favorite craft store of millions of people across the nation, and there are lots of great gift ideas there. With the holiday season coming up quickly, it’s time to start buying gifts. Michaels is a wonderful place to start with gift items, but it’s also possible to give the gift of Michaels to all of the craftily-inclined people in your life.

In store

This might be the simplest way to get a gift card— just pick one up at the register the next time you go to the store. Choose the amount you want to load onto it and go on with your day. There are all sorts of cute gift card packaging ideas that you can buy or create yourself. Just cruise around Pinterest to see the best ways to deliver the gift card, no matter who you’re giving it to.


Buying a gift card online is another easy option. If you’re ordering a gift card for someone who doesn’t live close by, or who you might not see over the holidays, you can order it online. There are options that allow you to choose the card design, designate a gift amount, and send a personalized message. From here, you can:

  1. Order multiple cards to the same address
  2. Add separate personalized messages
  3. Send cards to multiple address using multiple transaction

Another cool feature of online orders is that you can send a notification of delivery. You can upload photos, record an audio message, send a scheduled email delivery, or send them a notification on the recipients’ phone. You can checkout and pay with any major credit card.


You can also forget the physical card altogether and send an eCard. You can connect with friends through Facebook or their email account, and go through a similar process as with a regular online card purchase. The recipient gets their notice and can access their gift.

Either of the online options offer secure buying through the Michaels website. It doesn’t take you to an outside site in order to process your payment (which can sometimes be a red flag).

All of these cards can be used to make purchases inside the Michaels store or at their website. Gift cards make a great present for a variety of people on your gift list, and you can rest assured that the gift card recipient will be able to buy themselves something they will enjoy and appreciate.

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