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Applying for the Chase Freedom Card and 5% Cash Back in Three Quick Steps

How we bank and what method we use for our banking change at such a rapid rate. Banks are always finding new and quick ways for us to get hold of our money, manage our money, and yes – spend our money. If you are a Chase customer, you may have heard about the Chase Freedom Card – it’s an amazing credit card that allows customers to earn 5% cash back on up to $1500 spent in bonus categories each quarter. These bonus categories rotate once every three months and include retailers like Amazon.com, restaurants, and gas stations. Getting a Chase Freedom Card is free and the card is a complete breeze to activate online, so why not get one?

Five Per Cent Cash Back

With a Chase Freedom Card, you earn 1% cash back on all purchases and 4% more in bonus categories, for a total of 5%. Each quarter you can earn the 4% on up to $1500 in purchases made in the bonus categories. You will not be able to receive these bonuses if you have defaulted on your account and/or you are in violation of the Rewards Program Rules and Regulations or the terms of your Cardmember Agreement when promotional offers are administered. Quarterly activation is necessary to receive the bonus, but it’s worth it!

How to Get a Chase Freedom Card

Get to a computer and head to the official Chase Bank website www.chase.com. Choose “Products and Services”, then “credit cards” and then “all credit cards” to find the Chase Freedom Card. Or if you prefer to move around the Internet via URL, type www.chase.com/freedom into your browser. On the Chase Freedom Card home page, click “Apply Now” and then follow these four steps.

1) Enter your personal information. You will need to include your first and last name (with an optional middle initial), your name suffix, home street address, zip code, city and state.
2) On the next page, enter your financial information. This is the type of account you own, your residence status (whether you rent or own), your gross annual income, your source of income and your employer.
3) On the third page, enter your primary phone number, alternate phone number, email address, social security number, date of birth and mother’s maiden name.
4) On the final page, fill in whether you would like additional cards or whether you wish to transfer balances from another account, and then read the terms and conditions.

All Done

Your application for your Chase Freedom Card is now complete. A representative from Chase will be in touch about your application soon.

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